Whether your student loves to read or dreads it, the world of high school will not only demand it but ask students to write thoughtfully about the stories they meet. How can students prepare now for the rigors they've yet to encounter? Better yet, how can students begin to see reading and stories as a key component of their education and overall personal growth? 

While classes assign reading and teachers require outlines, few students understand how their intellectual engagement with reading will affect not only their experience but their ability to write well. In other words, most students believe assigned reading is just that: an assignment. But in this workshop, we will break free of assignment mentality to practice life-long learning maneuvers that benefit readers forever. 

Inside this workshop, readers will learn how to:

  • turn on their intellects and imaginations before they ever crack open a book
  • use reading to foster curiosity and grow their vocabulary
  • utilize literary techniques to help them improve their reading comprehension. 

The mission of Forever Readers is to unlock and demystify what good readers do all the time and give them a reading advantage as they advance in their academic careers. 

I can't wait to show them how to do all of this and more! 


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