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How Do We Turn Students Into Writers?

Paragraphs. Thesis Statements. Topic Sentences. Punctuation. Quotations. Essays. Research Papers. Grades. Tests. 

Many students associate writing at best with the above list and at worst with their own intellectual ability. Even with their best intentions, schools can sometimes foster an assignment mentality that keeps students from understanding the most important truth about writing: it's a communication tool.  

Whether students freeze, procrastinate, underperform, or stress, there are strategies to unlock their writing potential and navigate the demands of high school or college.

The work of a writing coach is to help individual writers fill in the learning gaps and develop the skills for excelling at more than assignments but at utilizing a robust writing process, strengthening critical thinking, building a writer's toolbox, and ultimately refining their abilities with written expression. 

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I would love to learn more about your student's writing strengths, challenges, and projects. I look forward to hearing from you.


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